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Impressing women is without a doubt something you must learn if you want to be attractive to the opposite sex. Remember, the hardest way to impress anyone is to try to impress them. Anything that you say that can be seen as bragging or try hard is a turn off.

Now, let me ask you a question, have you had an experience who tried very hard to please you and impress you? If so, wasn't it repulsive or annoying. Even though you may like them, you will not build attraction for them. The same applies to beautiful women.

So, how to impress them without appearing to impress them, how to tell them how valuable you are without appearing to brag about yourself, how do you do it?

1. Be the prize

Adopt the mindset that you are a prize for women. I know that this may appear counter-intuitive for you but remember that in this world most men are acting like bitches and not real man. So, if you act as a real man, you are definitely the prize and she has to chase you. Do not worry, if you do not act as a real man at this point in time because using the resources on this website, you are sure to become one in the near future.

For instance, let's think about Tom Cruise. Do you think he has to impress women or do you think women has to impress him.

By using you are the prize mindset, this automatically shifts the frames. You will not be the one who tries to impress. Instead, she has to impress you. Women will detect this frame and will react to it. Do not share too much personal information when you first meet a women. Let her prove to you that she is worth your time.

When you start out, it may be difficult to cultivate this mindset and some people may think of you as arrongant. That's ok, just refine your skills until you master it and get it right.

2. Demonstrate your attractive qualities instead of plainly saying them

Your attractive qualities are better illustrated through actions rather than articulation. Some say that seeing is believing and in this area, this saying applies. Having good social skills and using them is great but saying to a girls that you have a lot of good friends is bad when you have met her a few times and she has not yet met anyone of them. She may think you are lying.

Another way to impress your attractive qualities in her mind is when other people talk about you in a positive way to her. It may even be people who are strangers to her. So, make sure to tell your friends to talk positively about yourself when they talk to her.

A great way to display your attractive qualities is to do so by storytelling. Storytelling is the way you make stories about yourself by intentionally inputting your attractive qualities into them. You must make sure that that stories appear to be true. For examples, you may tell a story on how you saved someone's life or you successfully did something you thought was impossible to achieve.

3. Appearance and fitness

Appearance and fitness are things impress women. The cool thing is that you do have to say anything. You just sort your appearance and fitness and use them to your advantage.

So, look for cool clothes and shoes to wear and join a gym. Also, keep a good hygiene.

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